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Veterinary Services

Pathologists Lancet Kenya is proud to offer a complete veterinary laboratory diagnostic service to you with access to results on Path-Portal and through your personal computers or smartphone, accuracy of smart tests and access to the IDEXX reference laboratories.

We have partnered with IDEXX Laboratories incorporation a leader in pet healthcare innovation with a broad range of diagnostic and information technology-based products and services.

Our laboratory is well-equipped to give you the right tool at the right time. We offer diagnostics for veterinary care, companion animals, production and wildlife.

Pathology is our core and only business; we operate as Pathology with Borders – across many countries in Africa with dedication to Quality Results, excellent service, good TAT and cost-effective competitive pricing.

In September 2015, Pathologists Lancet Kenya set up a dedicated veterinary laboratory following a technical partnership with IDEXX Laboratories, offering veterinary-specific haematology, clinical chemistry, serology/immunology and endocrinology using dedicated analysers specifically calibrated for veterinary samples. This makes us the only private dedicated veterinary diagnostic laboratory in Kenya and the wider East Africa region.

Our veterinary diagnostic services also encompass specialised veterinary histopathology and cytopathology by an in-house veterinary pathologist. Our technical partnership with IDEXX enables us to offer specialized testing such as special chemistries, PCR tests and Rabies Serology through the IDEXX Reference Laboratories network in South Africa and Europe.

Our main focus is on companion animals with plans of expanding into the livestock and poultry markets in the coming years.

The partnership with IDEXX Laboratories allows us to offer water microbial enumeration testing with patented innovative technology that ensures better quality results and considerably faster TAT of 24 hours.

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