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Clinical Research

Lab generated data supports several types of global health research, helping scientists understand diseases and develop breakthrough therapies. Routinely obtained laboratory data is used in clinical trials, disease surveillance, health outcomes research, and diagnostic research. Thus, the quality of lab data is essential to drawing correct conclusions and advancing health globally. At Pathologists Lancet Kenya, our fully integrated laboratory management system offers accurate and reliable data essential to successful research planning and execution.

  • We work with NGOs, research organizations, hospitals, and researchers to provide specialized lab and project management services. Our services support Phase I-III Clinical Trials and other epidemiological studies to advance public health. Our team is GCP, GCLP and 21 CFR 11 compliant to ensure you receive accurate, timely and reliable results to achieve your study goals.
Student Research
  • Pathologists Lancet Kenya supports independent and institution-affiliated student researchers by providing technical support and consultancy to support their academic research projects. We tailor our lab service packages, working together with the client to arrange sample pick-up, analysis, storage and results transmission.

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