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Hematology and Coagulation

Hematology and Coagulation

Our SANAS and KENAS accredited, haematology laboratories provide consistent quality results in all aspects of routine and specialised haematology, flow cytometry and bone marrow assessment.

Immunophenotyping with flow cytometry is an essential diagnostic tool together with morphology and molecular genetic testing for the diagnosis, classification and monitoring of haematological malignancies (leukaemias). Consequently, it has acquired a prominent position in the current World Health Organization (WHO) classification of haematological malignancies.

Immunophenotyping requires careful selection of unique combinations of individual markers based on their degree of specificity for the identification of a given cell lineage, maturation stage and aberrant phenotype as per international standards.

Our comprehensive panels encompass a number of markers selected based on validated consensus recommendations (Euroflow) to ensure provision of accurate and relevant information in the diagnostic work-up of heamatological malignancies. See Flow Cytometry Panels for number of markers.

Limited panel markers restriction may be requested upon specific discussion with the referring doctor.

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