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Care Card

To reduce the time you need to spend completing the required paperwork, Cerba Lancet Kenya has introduced the Care Card. This Care Card is encoded with patient's unique identification number that links to the patient’s details, insurance/medical scheme information and any discount approved on our database.

With the  Cerba Lancet Kenya Care Card, there will be no need to fill out forms anymore at the patient's next visit.

Through the Lancet Kenya Care Card, patients will have:

  • Enhanced service experience by reducing the time spent filling forms at every visit.
  • Historical data charts generated from their test results for chronic diseases such as diabetic profiles thyroid profiles, HIV monitoring etc.
  • Integrated demographics and credit information.
  • It will also facilitate links to electronic validation of insurance membership, exclusions and credit limits.
  • The chronic disease care program, that allows regular clients/customers to benefit from discount packages and credit facilities
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