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Pathologists Lancet Kenya rebrands to Cerba Lancet Kenya


Pathologists Lancet Kenya, one of the leading and trusted diagnostic providers in Kenya has today announced the completion of its rebrand process and will now be known as Cerba Lancet Kenya.

The move reinforces its focus on being a leading force in local diagnostic while offering the highest standards of pathology and biomedical services in Kenya. It is also expected to help position it to better serve its customers and support its efforts to seamlessly harness the strengths of its various partners to offer world-class personalized care.

Commenting on the new look, Cerba Lancet Kenya Managing Director and Group CEO, Mwende Musunga noted that the name change reinforces its long-term commitment to providing better patient care that involves fostering collaboration and broadening its reach to support a wider spectrum of patient needs.

“This is a culmination of efforts on brand transformation that we began in 2023 with a key focus on evolving from a diagnostic provider to being deeply integrated into our communities. While the name changes, our guiding principles and business fundamentals remain unchanged. We believe that with a new look, we shall be able to reinvigorate our efforts in providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities and advancing healthcare technologies to improve patient outcomes,” Mwende said.

The rebrand encompasses a new visual identity, a redesigned website, and a renewed dedication to using worldclass technology, innovation, and personalized support to its partners. It is also a promise to be at the forefront of medical advancements as well as a commitment to Cerba Lancet Kenya’s ambition to maintain its leadership position in the provision of world-class private diagnostics services in Kenya.

As it celebrates its 15th Anniversary this year, Cerba Lancet Kenya looks at leveraging its Cerba Lancet Africa footprint across 14 countries as well as extensive expertise present in several ISO Kenas 15189 certified sites with extra support from partner hospitals. Cerba Lancet Kenya now has the scale advantage, resources, and stands out as one of the few diagnostic laboratories in the country offering unique specialties such as haematology tests.


About Pathologists Lancet Kenya
Cerba Lancet Kenya is a leading pathology and laboratory medicine service provider in Kenya with subsidiaries in Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Cerba Lancet Kenya provides vital diagnostic, monitoring, and screening testing from routine, to specialized and even esoteric tests across the East African region. It operates ethically, efficiently, and effectively, striving to continually improve its services by remaining at the cutting edge of technology while adhering to international criteria set out according to ISO Standard 15189. Regional referral and key hub laboratories in East Africa are all SANAS, KENAS or SADCAS accredited. Cerba Lancet Kenya is part of Cerba Lancet Africa, a leading network of clinical pathology and medical diagnosis in Africa, with the ambition to become the leading diagnostic services provider in Africa, bringing world-class standards of pathology services to patients and medical communities across the continent. Cerba Lancet Africa operated a network of 160+ laboratories across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia Rwanda, Botswana, Gabon, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Eswatini, Zambia and Zimbabwe. For further media queries kindly contact us via

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